Цифровые тренды в HR на 2022 год: взгляд в будущее



HR Digital Summit

According to recent studies, employees nowadays have an entirely new perspective, expectations, and value system that will impact their career decisions and working methods. In this context, how will businesses keep their top talent? This HR conference will answer this question by helping you connect with more than 70 senior professionals.

Date: April 11-13, 2023 

Location: North America

Format: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Register here

SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 2023

The Great Resignation’s effects led to a global talent shortage. As a result, organizations and people leaders must adapt and change their strategies to ensure they recruit and keep top talent. The SHRM Talent Conference & Expo is a resourceful event that helps professionals reinvent the future of talent management and create better working environments for all.

Date: April 16-19, 2023 

Location: Orlando, Florida

Format: In-person & virtual

Pricing: $1,195-$2,195

Register here

Employee Engagement Summit 2023

Employee engagement remains a hot topic in the industry, in 2023, for people leaders. Yet, show that employee engagement levels are still incredibly low. This HR conference will cover everything there is to know about getting those numbers up.

Date: April 19, 2023 

Location: London, UK

Format: In-person 

Pricing: Single tickets are £295 + VAT

Register here

Workhuman Live 2023 

Workhuman Live 2023 is marketed as your non-typical HR conference. This HR event aims to teach professionals to create a human-centered culture and drive meaningful workplace change. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from forward-thinking leaders in finding new solutions to HR’s most pressing challenges.

Date: April 17-20, 2023  

Location: San Diego

Format: In-person

Pricing: $895-$1,895   

Register here

Create a Culture of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Powered by the Human Capital Institute, this HR event is the perfect learning opportunity for professionals interested in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) topic. Register now to learn more about:

  • Building a framework for a coaching culture that addresses diversity and inclusion; 
  • Developing hiring strategies that focus on engaging underrepresented candidates;
  • Utilizing data and key metrics to plan future steps and measure success.

Date: April 19, 2023  

Format: Virtual

Pricing: $195 

Register here

CHRO Summit

The CHRO Summit has a unique format — «no presentations, all conversations» — and brings together some of the globe’s most important and thoughtful CHROs to discuss trending issues in the industry. Some of the topics include:

  • the continuing reinvention of work;
  • growing and empowering talent;
  • why inclusion is imperative;
  • addressing the crisis of emotional wellbeing;
  • data analytics and HR transformation.

Date: April 25, 2023  

Format: Virtual

Pricing: $495 

Register here

UNLEASH America: The International Festival of HR 

UNLEASH America is one of the world’s most influential HR employee engagement conferences. Join industry professionals at this two-day conference to learn about the future of work and technology. Are you ready to up your employee engagement game?

Date: April 26-27, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Format: In-person

Pricing: $1,695

Register here


March 7-8 | Empower HR Tech Americas

Format: In person 

Location: Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, CA, US

Cost: Starting from $500

Why attend? To experience the largest gathering of HR tech leaders on the West Coast, focusing on how HR technology can help solve current and future HR challenges. The event is organized by HR.com, the largest social network for HR professionals. 

This event is particularly interesting for HR tech decision buyers, HRIS/HRMS managers, CLOs & teams, and HR leaders.

Also, InspireHR West is taking place at the same venue on March 6-7, so you can attend two events to make the best out of your trip.

For conference details and registration, go here.

March 15-16, London | HR Vision

Format: In person

Location: London, UK

Cost: Early bird 1,499 GBP + VAT, otherwise 2,499 GBP + VAT

Why attend? To enjoy two days of deep-dive discussions into how digitalization, AI, machine learning, and a host of other technologies are profoundly changing people management practices and how we can forge a people-centered future of work. 

Whether you’re in a mature organization that’s already advanced in your digital, technology, and data evolution, or you’re just beginning your journey to adopt these tools and practices, HR Vision explores the most significant challenges affecting HR and business today.

For conference details and registration, go here.

March 20-21 | HRcoreLAB 11th summit

Format: Porta Fira Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Cost: €1,650 EUR + VAT for Corporate HR Professionals 

Why attend? Because HRcoreLAB enables you to cherry-pick from three simultaneously held conferences – on Recruitment, HR Agility, and People Analytics – where you can discuss the current state of the people function with peers and investigate how it can be improved. 

Attend case study presentations, live Q&A sessions, and interactive discussions to develop a comprehensive overview of the most effective global HR strategies.

And last, but certainly not least, to enjoy the vibrant and spirited city of Barcelona.

For conference details and registration, go here.

March 21-22 | HR and Future of Work APAC

Format: Online

Cost: Free

Why attend? By 2040, Asia is expected to contribute to 50% of the world’s GDP and drive at least 40% of the consumption. APAC is home to 60% of the global workforce and the world’s largest developing economies.  

If your organization is looking to grow in tandem with the APAC region, this might be an event you do not want to miss. Topics include:

  • Structured vs. unstructured work
  • Capitalizing on automation
  • Innovation and freedom to think creatively 
  • Transferability of skills 

For conference details and registration, go here.

March 27-29 | Transform

Format: In person

Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV, US

Cost: Early-bird tickets are $1,395. Prices will increase as the date of the event approaches. 

Why attend? Transform 2023 sits at the intersection of technology and the people transforming the workplace. This will be a year of deeper community outreach, and the event will also feature new hands-on learning experiences and interactive small-group discussions.

For conference details and registration, go here.

March 27-30 | i4cp 2023 Conference: Next Practices Now

Format: In person

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, US

Cost: Early-bird tickets are $2,895 for members and $3,395 for non-members. Then the prices increase by $300. Group rates are available

Why attend? I4cp is the #1-rated HR conference for senior leaders. Unlike most HR conferences, there a no vendors at this event. There’s no tradeshow. You’ll meet with other decision makers in an exclusive, collaborative environment. 

The event also prides itself on sharing next practices instead of best practices because, as they put it, next practices are what set you apart.

For conference details and registration, go here.

From people analytics to data literacy

In the last five years, HR took tremendous strides in the way people analytics helped it manage people. People analytics or HR analytics refers to the way human resource teams leverage data to better meet their strategic goals, whether related to recruitment, hiring, retention, motivation, or development. In 2022, organizations can no longer put off people analytics implementation.

One of the digital HR trends is the shift towards data literacy, allowing companies to use people analytics in their decision-making process.

However, more and more, companies are looking for data literacy instead of people analytics expertise. Businesses need a framework to understand the data and effectively implement people analytics in the organization. By learning how to capture and analyze data on both an organizational and individual level, it is possible for companies to use this data in their decision-making process. 

Due to shift towards digital HR and digital working, new productivity metrics should be adopted better suited to assess remote work/ hybrid work. These new KPIs would help HR keep up with real-world work patterns and ensure that employees feel acknowledged through relevant KPIs.


HR Tech Live 6th Edition APAC

The adoption of remote and hybrid work is altering how HR professionals do their jobs. We are entering a time when traditional office-based HR is losing its usefulness due to the latest changes. For quicker communication and easier management of remote teams, technology can help automate the hiring, interviewing, and recruiting processes. Join this HR tech event to learn more about:

  • Mobile-friendly recruitment;
  • Employee wellbeing;
  • Matching employees with opportunities;
  • AI-centered L&D strategies.

Date: June 6-7, 2023  

Format: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Register here

Future of Work USA

Launched in 2019, the Future of Work USA offers a new perspective on the future of work. The HR conference was designed for senior executives interested in the most recent trends and initiatives within the Future of Work Landscapes. Spend two full days learning about talent management, workplace planning, employee engagement, digital workplaces, and much more with industry professionals by your side.

Date: June 6-7, 2023 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Format: In-person 

Pricing: $650

Register here

CIPD Festival of Work

The CIPD Festival of Work is back bigger than ever, hosting its sixth edition this year. This HR event is the best opportunity to connect, collaborate, and take inspiration from fellow professionals and business leaders across the world.

Date: June 7-8, 2023  

Location: London, UK

Format: In-person

Pricing: Free

Register here

HR Innovation & Tech Fest 

The HR + L&D Innovation & Tech Fest is a two-day event full of learning, networking, and discussion centered around the future of work. Join this conference to stay up-to-date with workplace culture and new people practices that drive organizational change.

Date: June 7, 2023

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Format: In-person

Pricing: starts at $1,095

Register here

SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2023

This HR event is one of the world’s biggest gatherings for HR professionals. This year’s event celebrates its 75th anniversary and offers over 200 sessions with top industry experts. In addition, the SHRM23 conference provides in-depth insights into everything HR, covering the fundamentals every professional needs, programs for C-suite leaders, and the newest concepts redefining the workplace landscape. 

Date: June 11-14, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Format: In-person & virtual

Pricing: $1,695-$2,495 

Register here

Total Rewards’23 

Total Rewards’23 event is meant to prepare HR professionals to design and execute strategies that will move the bottom line, elevate their HR practice, and polish their professional reputation. They promise to deliver actionable, measurable solutions in a fun and dynamic setting while offering the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

Date: June 12-14, 2023

Location: San Diego, California

Format: In-person 

Pricing: Early bird tickets start at $1,795

Register here

6th Annual Employee Experience Summit 

This cross-industry event is the perfect chance to learn how to enhance the work experience. Improve your employee experience program and discover how to implement genuine organizational transformation at all levels. You’ll leave with the abilities and information necessary to put this program into practice and promote your business as a top employer.

Date: June 20-21, 2023

Location: Toronto, Canada

Format: In-person

Pricing: $1,895

Register here

Support Workplace Well-Being & Employee Engagement

In the past years, mental health discussions have become less taboo, and more companies have increased their investments in wellness programs. The Support Workplace Wellbeing & Employee Engagement 2023 virtual conference is the perfect occasion to learn more about wellness programs and how to create a healthy work environment.

Date: June 21, 2023

Format: Virtual

Pricing: $195

Register here


Collision is an event that brings together people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Although it is not specifically designed for HR professionals, it is a great opportunity to network, learn, generate leads, and gain exposure.

Date: June 26-29, 2023

Location: Toronto, Canada

Format: In-person

Pricing: Can$595-Can$12,495 + VAT

Register here


Leap HR Retail

Leap HR Retail includes over 30 case studies devoted to the HR retail industry. With some of the most well-known retail brands in the world in attendance, this is a chance to network with top-performing companies in this field.

Date: February 27-March 1, 2023 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Format: In-person

Pricing: $1,499-$1,848 

Register here

HR Technology Virtual Conference & Exposition 

This HR tech conference covers some of the newest HR trends and best practices for utilizing technology to navigate the modern workplace easily. All sessions are online and free, allowing attendees to learn from more than 100 HR technology suppliers and view product demonstrations. 

Date: February 28-March 2, 2023 

Format: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Register here


September 11-12 | Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

Format: In person 

Location: London, UK

Why attend? The exact details of this event are yet to be released. However, here’s what we already know: the in-person experience of Gartner’s ReimagineHR Conference is created for CHROs and their leadership teams as a place to connect face-to-face with Gartner experts, peers, and solutions providers.

For conference details and registration, go here.

September 20 | Diversity Recruitment: Strategies for Hiring with Equity

Format: Online

Cost: $195

Why attend? The biggest obstacle to recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds is finding them in the first place. Savvy recruiting teams have discovered new ways to tap into the places and platforms where underrepresented talent can be found. 

Join the experts from the Human Capital Institute online as they share how they built a successful recruitment strategy using a combination of the newest tools and technology. 

For conference details and registration, go here.

Как оплатить участие?

У Вас есть две возможности для оплаты:

  • Безналичный платеж со счета юридического лица. Для того чтобы воспользоваться этим методом, нужно зайти в личный кабинет и выбрать тип оплаты «Для юридических лиц». Открывшуюся форму необходимо заполнить реквизитами компании-плательщика. Там же можно указать количество участников, за которое Вы хотите оплатить. Для Вас будет сгенерирован счет-оферта — эти документы нужно передать в бухгалтерию, чтобы она произвела оплату. Билет станет активным в вашем личном кабинете в течение 7 дней после получения средств на расчетный счёт Организатора конференции. Оригиналами документов мы с Вами обменяемся на самом мероприятии. 
  • Электронные платежные системы через Я.Кассу. Выбираете в  тип оплаты «Для физических лиц, Яндекс.Касса» и далее следуете инструкции. Подтверждение происходит автоматически и вы сразу же получаете билет на Конференцию.
  • Заплатить по частям через ЮKassa. Получайте товар сразу, а платите — потом. Копить необязательно: можно получить товар сейчас, а платить позже по частям, раз в месяц. Сроки предоставления: 6 или 12 месяцев, льготный период — 30 дней (в этот срок можно погасить без переплаты). Подробнее об услуге.

Очное участие в конференции

В стоимость очного участия в конференции Frontend Conf 2022 входит:

  • посещение любых докладов, митапов и мастер-классов конференции с возможностью пообщаться со спикерами в дискуссионных зонах и в кулуарах;
  • раздаточные материалы конференции;
  • кофе-брейки и полноценный обед во время проведения конференции;
  • видеозаписи всех докладов (в течение 2-3 недель после конференции мы опубликуем все видео в закрытый плейлист YouTube);
  • афтепати после конференции и хорошее настроение 🙂

На площадке у вас будет возможность охватить и погрузиться в широкий спектр тем, новых технологий и хардкорных решений. И весь этот спектр будет представлен только реальными и максимально прикладными темами без маркетинга и пустых разговоров. 

Мы работаем с нашими докладчиками, организуя для них коучинги по выступлениям и подготовке презентаций. При этом качество программы не должно зависеть от финансовых возможностей докладчиков —  организаторы компенсируют стоимость перелётов и проживания.

Всё это готовит целая команда профессионалов в течение нескольких месяцев, выбирая и подбирая самое лучшее, чтобы ничто не отвлекало вас от конференции.

Отсюда такие цены. Мы хотим делать идеальные конференции с потрясающей программой и ставим себе очень высокую планку качества.


August 23 | Use Tech & Data to Enhance the Employee Experience

Format: Online

Cost: $195

Why attend? Over the last two years, many organizations have cut headcount, hours, and benefits or had an organization-wide restructuring. Now, with inflation causing new restrictions and layoffs, most employees can say their experience at work have taken a hit. 

Join this event if you want to learn how to:

  • Use specific data points to create a pathway to a better EX 
  • Use pulse surveys and other ways of gathering data and measuring engagement
  • Uncover the technology and platforms that support the EX

For event details and registration, go here.

HR Core Lab Summit

HR Core Lab Summit aims to revolutionize the investigation of Next-Gen HR and it does it through a three-day conference. The main theme of HR Core Lab is the promotion of digital transformation across HR departments, facilitation of tech skill-building, retaining top talent, and swift navigation in the increasingly tech-reliant HR environment.

The 2023 edition will be examining three different areas of tech in HR:

  • Recruitment
  • HR Agility
  • People Analytics 

During the event, participants will have an unparalleled opportunity to listen to 80+ world-class speakers from 40+ countries, meet over 500 HR executives online, and hear 40+ case studies. The event will take place online and participants can obtain full access to the virtual event platform and all the content during the event for free by reserving a ticket. 

Where: Barcelona, Spain 

When: March 20–21, 2023

Indeed Interactive

Indeed is an international employment search engine. As one of the biggest recruitment platforms worldwide, Indeed hosts its own conference devoted to cutting-edge HR technology—Indeed Interactive. 

It’s a great chance to network and build valuable relationships in an industry where technological innovation is booming. At the conference, the participants have the opportunity to see demos of innovative HR Tech solutions and share ideas on improving employee engagement.

The 2023 edition will be geared toward reimagining recruiting in this new world of work.  The details and the agenda will be announced very soon.

Where: Online and Atlanta

When: September 20-21, 2023 

May 2023

2023 SHRM New Mexico State Conference

  • Date: May 1, 2023 — May 2, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Steve Browne, Rachel Druckenmiller
  • Cost: $499 — $659
  • More info: shrmnm.org/2023-state-conference/

HR in Hospitality Conference

  • Date: May 1, 2023 — May 3, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Paul Ades, Dana Kravetz, Jake Basham, Deanne Johnson-Anderson, Denis Bober, Gretta Brooks, Debbie Brown, Linda Canina, John Ceriale, Keith Chapman, Holly Lawson, Carolyn Clark, Patty Cousins, Tracey Kalimeris, Harry Katz, Laura Fitzrandolph, Gregg Gilman, Tashlin Lakhani, Keith Grossman, Barry Hartstein, Jim Houran, Rick Hurd, Heather Jacobs
  • Cost: $1275 — $1675
  • More info: hrinhospitality.com


  • Date: May 1, 2023 — May 3, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Nashville, TN, USA
  • Notable Speakers: To be confirmed
  • Cost: $700 — $1195
  • More info: workforcesoftware.com/event/vision-workforce-management-event/

HR Technologies UK Conference

  • Date: May 3, 2023 — May 4, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: London, England, UK
  • Notable Speakers: To be confirmed
  • Cost: Free — €799 + VAT
  • More info: www.hrtechnologies.co.uk/conference

HRO Today Forum

  • Date: May 3, 2023 — May 5, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Elliot Clark, CEO, HRO Today; Larry Basinait, Vice President – Market Research, HRO Today; Gianna Driver, CHRO, Exabeam; Karyn DeFalco, Chief Human Resources Officer, Millennium Trust Company; Nicole DuBois, Chief Human Resources Officer, Graham-Windham
  • Cost: $495 — $1695
  • More info: www.hrotoday.com/events/hro-today-forum-north-america/

Montana SHRM 2023 Conference

  • Date: May 3, 2023 — May 5, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Billings, MT, USA
  • Notable Speakers: To be confirmed
  • Cost: $85 — $299
  • More info: montana.shrm.org/montana-conference

2023 California HR Conference

  • Date: May 8, 2023 — May 10, 2023
  • Format: In-Person and Virtual
  • Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
  • Notable Speakers: To be confirmed
  • Cost: $250 — $1199
  • More info: cahrconference.org

HR Vision Amsterdam

  • Date: May 9, 2023 — May 10, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Notable Speakers: To be confirmed
  • Cost: €1,499 — €2,499

Location: www.hrvisionevent.com/amsterdam/

Reworked CONNECT

  • Date: May 10, 2023 — May 11, 2023
  • Format: In-person or Virtual
  • Location: Austin, TX, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Ice-T, Kristine Dery, Scott Galloway, Lina Taylor, Brice Dunwoodie, Siobhan Fagan, Kristin Hancock, Rich Hein, Dion Hinchcliffe, Alex Kantrowitz, Sarah Kimmel, Nidhi Madhavan
  • Cost: $1995 — $6195
  • More info: www.reworked.co/connect/

ATD 2023 International Conference and Exposition

  • Date: May 21, 2023 — May 24, 2023
  • Format: In-Person
  • Location: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Adam Grant, Priya Parker, Leslie Odom, Jr.
  • Cost: $995 — $2795
  • More info: atdconference.td.org

ERE Recruiting Conference 2023

  • Date: May 22, 2023 — May 24, 2023
  • Format: In-Person and Virtual
  • Location: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Notable Speakers: Carmelina Lalley, Managing Director, Trust Solutions Talent Acquisition Leader, PwC; William Maurer, Director of Talent Acquisition, SpartanNash, Kimberly Jones, Senior Director, Enterprise Talent Strategy, University of California, Irvine and more 
  • Cost: $299 — $1,599
  • More info: www.ererecruitingconference.com

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Как заполнять форму оплаты

Ниже приведены несколько простых правил, пожалуйста, учтите их при создании заявки. Это позволит сэкономить силы всем участникам процесса, облегчит регистрацию, а вашим участникам — получить максимум пользы.

  1. Создателем заявки вовсе не обязательно должен быть участник конференции. Вы можете создать сколько угодно заявок, в каждой из которой будет сколько угодно участников;

  2. Участники, которых вы указываете в заявке, это и есть будущие посетители конференций;

  3. Вы всегда (даже после оплаты) можете внести изменения в состав участников, обратившись на [email protected], +7(495) 646-07-68 с указанием номера заявки;

  4. Это, кстати, позволяет купить билеты даже тогда, когда вы не знаете, кто конкретно от вашей компании поедет на конференцию — просто не заполняйте поля имени и электронного адреса. В таком случае вам будет выписан анонимный билет, который вы можете впоследствии персонализировать (ввести имя и фамилию). Такая покупка имеет смысл — ближе к конференции стоимость билетов значительно выше;

  5. В поле электронного адреса участника нужно либо вводить реальный электронный адрес, либо не вводить ничего. Если вы введёте реальный адрес, то ваш участник получит доступ к видеоматериалам, будет получать от нас уведомления (исключительно служебные) и подсказки.


The SHRM22 is the annual Conference&Expo and one of the biggest events dedicated to a full range of HR education. The 2023 edition will explore 11 areas including Global HR, Diversity&Inclusion matters, Employment Law and Regulations, Leadership and Personal Growth, Talent Management, HR Technology&Analytics, and more.

It will cover pretty much every aspect of the HR world that professionals and companies might be looking for. 

The 2023 edition of the SHRMtech conference offers a variety of session formats to fit each type of learning style. This main stage experience is led by expert thought leaders and practitioners. You can join concurrent sessions with experts featuring best practices or rapid-stage presentations online. 

Where: Las Vegas, US

Conference: June 11-14, 2023

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