Digital Reality: Современные вызовы бизнес-менеджмента и права на конференции


Fly in Russian: Leonardo flight booking system

Until recently, the largest Russian air carriers used foreign air ticket booking systems, which, under the conditions of sanctions, put their work at risk of failures. You need to understand that booking is part of a huge mechanism that should work like clockwork. In addition, there has always been a potential risk of personal data leakage. Therefore, for several years there has been talk about the migration of Russian airlines to domestic booking software.

Back in 2020, Rostec offered its expertise in accelerating this process. The subsidiaries of RT-Transcom Corporation and RT-Project Technologies, in cooperation with the software developer Sirena-Travel, are ready to ensure an operational transition to the Russian Leonardo system. Two implementation options are proposed: planned and emergency, in 24 hours – in case of a sudden disconnection from a foreign system. Leonardo is the leader of the Russian market of distribution systems for aviation, in no way inferior to foreign analogues.

The Leonardo booking system already operates in 50 airlines with a volume of over 40 million passengers per year, among them Red Wings, Aurora, Rusline, Yamal, Utair, Alrosa. The other day, the leading Russian low-cost airline Pobeda switched to domestic software. The technical transition took about 12 hours, and in the first seven hours of operation, about 40 thousand air tickets were sold through the new booking system.

The golden key in the smartphone: SmartAirkey remote access system

Another joint project of RT-Project Technologies, now with the Skolkovo participant Kibtech, is a cloud−based access control and management system using SmartAirkey smartphones. With its help, you can create a single keyless space in office buildings, residential complexes, enterprises and other facilities.

The system consists of three components. The mobile access controller is a «smart» addition to any electronic lock that allows you to open it with a smartphone. The mobile application is installed on any smartphone and allows you to remotely control access: open doors, barriers and turnstiles, issue guest keys, configure controllers. Secure cloud service − stores and processes all system data.

Rostec’s development is characterized by increased cybersecurity and can work even in the absence of an Internet signal: the application communicates with the controller via a cryptographic protocol via Bluetooth, opening the lock of the connected device at a distance of up to 30 m. The «hands-free» function will help open the barrier or call the elevator without pressing buttons. Several pilot projects have already been successfully implemented using SmartAirkey technology in Moscow, Kazan and Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

All business on one platform: Russian ERP system

ERP is an abbreviation of the English enterprise resource planning, or enterprise resource planning. It designates software systems for automating business processes in a company: from accounting and personnel management to production and sales. ERP systems are designed to reduce the number of «manual» operations, optimize office work and reduce the management of the organization into one convenient service. It is both a global archive and a workspace – a kind of «nervous system» of the organization. Modern ERP systems integrate with other programs and cover the widest possible range of issues. An important advantage of ERP implementation is a large scope for analytics and forecasting.

The world’s largest supplier of ERP systems is the German company SAP. Since the spring of 2022, due to sanctions, the manufacturer has ceased its activities in Russia, and this has become a big problem for many Russian companies tied to SAP products, such as Beber, Gazprom, etc. However, there is a solution to the problem: RT-Project Technologies (a subsidiary of Rostec), together with the company Diasoft, have created a completely import-independent ERP platform.

The domestic platform demonstrates a high level of security and better performance. In addition, Russian developers have taken care of the most painless transition to new software for customers. The interfaces of the RT-ERP system are intuitive, the functionality and principles of operation are similar to popular imported solutions, and the system is changed using the so-called «seamless» step-by-step technology with the preservation and synchronization of all data.

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