Цифровое будущее Алматы: трансформация города в эпоху цифровых технологий

Форум digital Digital-конференции


  • How Purolator deployed conversational bots to manage customer interactions without over-taxing agents.
  • Take away strategies for incorporating highly visual tactics for your business growth with Fresh/LVMH.
  • How The Bay has transformed its sales and marketing teams to anticipate all things digital with AI integration.
  • Creating metaverse ready products to optimize sales with the help of Gamefam.
  • Builingd an effective digital transformation framework for superior customer experiences with Nordic Healthcare and Ontario Digital Services.

Given the profound insights gained, anticipation is building for next year’s event, with many planning to attend.


This hybrid experience is specially designed to help attendees capture the most value possible!

  • Expand your network and enhance peer-to-peer learning with a larger audience and a broader reach of attendees.
  • Cultivate lasting connections through one week of pre-event virtual networking on the summit platform.
  • Consult industry experts and get your toughest questions answered with the help of an in-person and virtual exhibitor hall.
  • Connect and build relationships with peers who have similar interests and career objectives using AI matchmaking tools and filters.
  • Enjoy on-demand speaking sessions and content that can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Digitization, AI, Data Analytics, MarTech Tools, Social Media and more

The Digital Customer Experience Summit in 2023 was a resounding success, drawing CX and marketing professionals from the top North American brands. Those who attended had the opportunity to:

  • Identify and quantify customer pain points with an emphasis on data needs to drive business value.
  • Regroup their brand(s) and get back to the basics of tightly linking marketing with digital CX.
  • Develop digital building blocks of their organization’s CX strategy and increase conversions.
  • Ensure their digital assets are aligned with their offerings, focusing on solutions in digital channels.
  • Apply design thinking and user research to understand the reality and pain points of their target audience by EYDS
  • Leave with best practices from 40+ senior CX executives.

It was an honor to host some of the most prestigious companies and CX experts from North America, such as Etsy, Fresh/LVMH, Purolator, TELUS, Coca Cola, Gamefam, Bell, The Bay, Lamour, Service Canada, Schneider Electrics, BP, OLG, Flights Claim, ALDO, Nordic Healthcare, Reckitt, Ontario Digital Service, and numerous others.

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