Топ-20 конференций по социальным медиа и цифровому маркетингу, которые стоит посетить в 2023/2024 году



August 7-9, 2023, Seattle, Washington

MozCon markets itself using “Not Your Typical Marketing Conference,” and with good reason: sales professionals, project managers, and jacks of all trades alike can learn how to effectively curate a digital experience for new and existing customers. MozCon is designed to offer a more relaxed atmosphere for digital marketers, from social media influencers to project leads, fostering a sense of excitement, community, and connectedness. At MozCon, the goal is to create a camp-like atmosphere, which is effectively accomplished by getting people out of their online communities and out of their digital experience, in order to connect, learn, and grow.

While innovative technologies, up and coming approaches to marketing, and digital marketing advice all abound at MozCon, marketing agencies, brands, and companies will find far more than a list of speakers to passively listen to, instead finding a thriving and bustling community. Of all of the content marketing conferences found on this list, MozCon is likely to be the least formal and most relaxed.

Social Media Week Lima

June 19-20, 2024, Lima, Ohio

Social Media Week Lima is a social media-focused event. The upcoming conference is titled “Roots,” and is designed to help foster a greater sense of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and (ultimately) engagement. While many social media conferences focus on how to present in a certain way aesthetically, Social Media Week Lima seeks to get to the core of social media interactions and communication, in order to foster a more organic and engaging relationship with followers and community. 

Lima is intended for social media content creators and marketers who are looking to invest more time and energy into their audience, including increasing engagement, forging stronger connections, and building brand, customer, or collaborator loyalty. From brand marketers to influencers, Lima can offer social media professionals of all types insights into and information about improving their relationship to customers and followers. 

Are there any must attend 2023/2024 social media and digital marketing conferences which are missing from the list? Please contact me and let me know!

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Which are the 20 best social media and digital marketing conferences to attend in 2023/2024?

Rather than create a comprehensive list of all of the social media and digital marketing conferences that exist, I provide you my list of conferences that are primarily annual events that I have vetted from either presenting at, attending, or knowing first-hand of the experiences from others who have attended. Marketing conferences with a strong track record obviously are featured in this list, but I also went out of my way to add new and promising events to the list as well as some other major conferences that I might have omitted from previous lists.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of digital and social media marketing, these are the must-attend social media conferences in 2023/2024! Marketing conferences are presented in chronological order for your convenience with information about the date and events venue city.

Digital Summit Series

October 24-25, 2023, San Diego, CA

The Digital Summit Series bills itself as the most innovative of available digital marketing conferences, in large part because it covers the latest in technology and techniques for digital marketing, and can help marketers from all backgrounds develop key strategies to support their digital marketing success. Digital Summit also boasts a wide range of speakers and representative companies to cover a range of industries and interests. Combining all of these people and companies together means that Digital Summit can cater to all manner of needs and interests, and can help people develop marketing campaigns and strategies that they may not have otherwise considered. Far from a one-time, once-yearly event, Digital Summit offers numerous dates and locations, including the following:

  • Minneapolis, August 16-17
  • Detroit, September 19-20
  • Chicago, October 4-5
  • Philadelphia, October 16-17
  • Houston, November 8-9
  • Raleigh, November 13-14
  • Kansas City, November 29-30
  • Dallas, December 12-13

Because this particular event brings so many different industries and company positions together, most digital marketers will glean something useful or helpful from the conference. 

A decade of digital growth

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first global report in our Global Digital Reports series, so we can now look back over a full decade of digital data.

If you’d like to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, you can find our first Global Overview Report here, while all subsequent reports in the series are also available in our free library. 

You can also find my comprehensive analysis of key trends over the past decade in this in-depth article. 

Note that considerably more data is available today than it was at the time we produced many of our earlier reports though, so some of the figures I’ll cover below may not match those that we published in previous reports.

Internet user growth

Kepios analysis reveals that internet users have more than doubled over the past 10 years, climbing from 2.18 billion at the start of 2012 to 4.95 billion at the start of 2022.


October 14-17, 2023, San Diego, CA

LavaCon is a content marketer’s conference geared toward the United States, though people from virtually anywhere can benefit from attendance, provided that they are looking for ways to improve their social strategy and improve reach. LavaCon has always focused on content technology, and this year, the event will place a great deal of emphasis on artificial intelligence, how it relates to content strategy, and how virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other up-and-coming technology will impact content marketers. 

LavaCon is an ideal conference for anyone looking to increase their awareness of or thought processes behind AI and VR. With a close look at both the pros and the cons of using these systems in content marketing, LavaCon can be ideal for anyone looking for actionable insights into integrating AI into existing content marketing practices.

I spoke at LavaCon many years ago and found it to be focused more on the technical and technology side of marketing, attracting a primarily B2B audience from companies of all sizes. If this is you, this is your conference! 


November 6-7, 2023, Las Vegas, NV

Rather than a single event, DigiMarCon is a series of conferences that convene all over the world to deliver information about digital marketing in the advertising industry. Conference topics range from emerging strategies to up and coming technologies to revolutionize marketing, and all are delivered from industry leaders with a track record of proven success. Although one of the many events is in Las Vegas in November, the remainder of the year has additional conferences in the following cities: 

  • Auckland, NZ; August 21-22
  • Dublin, IE; September 11-12
  • Johannesburg, South Africa; October 19-20 

While this is not an exhaustive list, which can be found here, it does give an idea of how prolific this event is, and how many countries and markets it encompasses. 

The prolific nature of DigiMarCon means that it can appeal to a large number of marketing professionals looking to improve their engagement rates, step up their marketing game, or improve lead generation. For those who are unable to travel, there are virtual DigiMarCon events available. 

I was honored to speak at DigiMarCon Los Angeles last year and the events always produce a great list of speakers from a broad variety of digital marketing professions and niches.


January 25-28, 2024, Orlando, Florida

Podfest Expo is a conference focused on podcasts and podcasters. Although podcasts have been around for some time, they may not always be as readily marketable as other information delivery formats, making it essential to learn how to effectively market and promote your podcast. In its tenth year, Podfest is not a dedicated marketing conference, but does offer some marketing advice and know-how to podcasters in attendance. This social media conference can seem like a much tighter-knit group than many other conferences, so attendees can expect to engage with others in their sphere, with a passion for the spoken word and video, in order to disseminate and deliver information in an increasingly technology-focused world. 

Although this event is obviously for podcasters, anyone who is interested in starting a podcast or anyone who has a longstanding podcast can benefit from attending, networking, and gleaning inspiration from others in the industry. 

I attended Podfest 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic and found it to be an extremely educational but also personable event with lots of networking opportunities.

Social commerce takes off

New additions to this year’s reports include figures for ad reach on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop.

These figures only represent the number of users that marketers can reach with ads in these environments, and they may not represent the full extent of each environment’s total active user base.

Indeed, Meta reports that more than 1 billion Facebook users access Marketplace each month, so there seems to be quite a big gap between total Marketplace users, and the share of those users that sees ads within Facebook’s commerce environment.

However, this gap exists across other Meta products too, and our analysis suggests that Facebook’s overall ad reach only equates to about 72 percent of the platform’s total monthly active user figure . 

What’s more, these Marketplace and Instagram Shop figures still tell a compelling story, and further demonstrate that social commerce has already gained rapid momentum. 

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

October 25-28, 2023, Orlando, FL

The ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is another change-maker in the advertising industry, in that it focuses on bringing successful companies and campaigns to a conference format, in order to dissect and present what it takes to make those companies and programs successful, so that marketers can implement what those leaders learned, and experience their own improvement and growth. With panels that show ways to improve customer experience, encourage growth, and spark needed change within a company or structure, this is a great conference for those looking to shake things up and make some improvements to an existing infrastructure. 

ANA Masters of Marketing Conference is ideal for marketers who may be struggling to inject new life into their campaigns and strategies, and are looking for some actionable insights and ideas from successful marketers whose footsteps they can follow in. 

Important notes

Just before we get into the numbers, I’d like to encourage all readers to review our detailed notes on data, to understand how changes in data sources and methodologies may impact this year’s numbers. 

Alerts to highlight include:

  • Internet users: delays in reporting due to COVID-19 may mean that figures for “year-on-year change” represent change over periods of more than one year.

  • Social media users: big changes in platform reporting mean that various numbers included in this year’s reports are not directly comparable with figures for the same data points featured in our previous reports. Where we’ve been able to calculate representative growth figures, we’ve included those growth figures within this year’s reports, but where we haven’t included growth figures, it’s likely that any comparisons with historical data will deliver incorrect values. As a result, please avoid comparing social media users and advertising audience figures in this year’s reports with figures published in our previous reports.

But without further ado, let’s dive into the data…

Digital Marketing World Forum Global

September 14-15, 2023, Miami, Florida

Digital Marketing World Forum Global (also called Global DMWF) is an event that brings global leaders together to discuss ongoing developments in the digital marketing industry, with a focus on digital marketing technologies. This event differs from others, because of its focus on technology, and how technology drives marketing, from developing campaigns to developing customer experience habits and practices. Called the “global” DMWF not only because of the people it attracts, but because of the speakers it employs: Global DMWF focuses on bringing together people from around the world, to offer insights into different markets and experiences from around the globe. The event is also designed to be a forum for networking and developing new connections with industry professionals. 

DMWF is a series of events; although the global forum is held in Florida in September, there is also an event held in London in June, and Amsterdam in November. The audience for this particular conference is broad. The general conference is for digital marketers, and encompasses content marketers, influencer marketing professionals, and people working on both the content creation and marketing management sides of marketing. Because DMWF is also designed to function as a networking event, it is an ideal event for anyone looking to build connections in the industry. 

I had the opportunity to speak at DMWF in Silicon Valley in 2022 and felt that both the speakers and audience were of a very high, corporate quality, so these events are highly recommended for those working for medium to larger size companies.

Growth Marketing Summit

June 19, 2024, Frankfurt, Germany

The Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt is another one-day conference with a focus on growing digitally. From audience growth to content strategy, the Growth Marketing Summit places a heavy emphasis on learning how to effectively and consistently grow your user base and develop stronger relationships through your marketing campaigns. Unlike many other conferences offering a host of information in a few short days, Growth Marketing Summit is a true strategic marketing summit and emphasizes actionable items to maximize your optimization practices, and experience the growth your company needs to thrive.

This conference is best for companies or brands that are looking to scale. If you are comfortable where you are, this may not be the right fit for you. If, however, you are looking to grow–and do so in a way that is measurable and sustainable–Growth Marketing Summit could be an excellent fit for your needs.

DMO Advanced

October 24-26, 2023, Napa Valley, CA

Where many conferences focus on something of a celebratory nature, DMO Advanced takes a different approach, and functions as something of a troubleshooting conference for people in the marketing industry. Rather than having a simple panel of speakers, DMO Advanced brings in speakers to speak and to host collaborative sessions, in which attendees are able to sort through real-world concerns and issues to develop improved digital marketing strategy techniques. With networking events in addition to the speakers and collaboration courses, DMO Advanced has the unique advantage of promising the most advanced digital marketing conference, and a host of unrelated and interesting and entertaining peripheral events (think wine tasting and more). 

DMO Advanced is for virtually any marketer who is looking to address their marketing challenges and come away from a conference with new ideas and problem-solving strategies following the immersive experiences the conference offers. 

Social Media Marketing World

February 18-20, 2024 San Diego, California

Having spoken at many Social Media Marketing Worlds, I can personally attest to the amazing speakers from companies you know and recognize and content that you can learn from at this digital summit. Social media marketing world, true to its name, is really the definitive three-day event that will provide you with practical insights to help guide you in improving your social media marketing ROI.

Social Media Marketing World attracts a wide variety of people who have a broad interest in social marketing, from digital executives, senior marketers, marketing managers, marketing agencies, content strategists, mobile strategists, bloggers, influencers, content creators, and more, all coming together to learn how to improve content strategy and reach.

Podcast Movement

August 21-24, 2023, Denver, Colorado

Podcast Movement is a conference specifically designed for podcasting professionals who are looking to improve their own podcast and network with others in the podcast arena. Podcast Movement is the largest podcasting convention in existence, and each year, strives to bring together people from all backgrounds and interests to improve marketing strategies, podcast content, and podcasting equipment to diversify, expand, and support the global podcasting community.

This event is geared toward podcast creators of all experience levels. If you have not yet started, or have had a podcast for years, you can find a place at Podcast Movement, and benefit from the vast number of industry professionals available to offer panels, networking opportunities, and workshops.

I attended Podcast Movement twice in previous years and highly recommend this event for beginner or advanced podcasters. Noteworthy sessions, great speakers, great people!

Content Marketing World

September 26-28, 2023, Washington, D.C.

The Content Marketing World convention is part convention and part expo, designed to bring the best content marketing professionals together to create a dynamic and informative convention. Convention features include sessions, workshops, and forums tailored to content creators and marketers. Large brands, individual marketers, and everyone in between are expected to attend Content Marketing World’s convention, each of them in search of more effective tools to generate a larger audience and support business growth.

Content Marketing World is an open-call event, created to welcome marketing, public relations, and communications professionals. Attendees will learn how to more effectively communicate with target audiences, deliver compelling content, and create engaging, actionable plans of action.

I spoke at Content Marketing World in 2022 and can attest to the fact that it is an amazing, content-rich and people-rich event that will make you much smarter and help you expand your network with similar-minded content marketers.

The MarTech Summit

November 16-17, 2023, London, United Kingdom

The MarTech Summit was created to fuse marketing principles and technology, to bring a unique event to content and digital marketers looking to level up their marketing game and experience a convergence of the two without interruption to marketing flow. Boasting a host of round tables, wherein attendees get to glean vital information from industry leaders and professionals, the MarTech Summit is two days of developing solutions for your unique business and marketing issues, learning from successful industry professionals, and watching innovation in action. There are additional event dates and locations, including: 

  • Singapore, October 25
  • Bangkok, October 18-19
  • Vietnam (Virtual), September 19

The MarTech Summit is an ideal event for marketing professionals who are looking to infuse their marketing practices and strategies with a hefty dose of technology, to improve reach and drive growth. 


October 3-5, Dallas, Texas

If YouTube is your thing, VidSummit is your conference. This is THE definitive conference to better understand all things YouTube and video marketing. Featuring a speaker lineup that includes popular YouTubers such as MrBeast as well as industry experts and the brightest minds of YouTube marketing, this conference has spawned an impressive community of YouTubers who are both successful in their trade but also helpful to others. I attended VidSummit in 2022 and was blown away by how open and giving the presenters were with their experiences and the valuable insights they provided. I already bought my tickets for VidSummit 2023 – see you there?

VidSummit is clearly for YouTubers, TikTokers, content creators, and digital influencers, but on the flipside this event gives house marketers an unprecedented opportunity to develop relationships with these same influencers to help drive your influencer marketing strategy forward.

I went to VidSummit in 2022 in Los Angeles and already have my ticket for Dallas 2023! See you there?

Marketing Profs B2B Forum

October 4-6, 2023, Boston, MA

As its name suggests, this particular event is designed for marketing professionals who work in B2B sales. Many digital marketing insights focus on B2C strategies and outreach, but Marketing Profs B2B veers away from that model and holds a forum for business marketers to come together and learn how to most effectively leverage their business practices to increase B2B sales. The focus of this particular event is on growth: as a B2B marketing event, the focus is not necessarily on deepening connections, but is instead focused on increasing reach, improving ROI, and increasing your reputation among businesses. With speakers ranging from chief marketing officers to VPs of innovation, this event is intended to address business leaders and help them develop strategies to grow and improve their marketing practices. 

Marketing Profs B2B is for B2B marketing professionals looking to increase their reach, and make sure that they are using the best industry strategies and tools to achieve their goals. Marketers will benefit the most from attending this event, rather than business leaders as a whole, and any marketers who are struggling to achieve their growth goals and improve the ROI of any tools or practices that you may be using. 

I did a joint speech with Jason Miller when he worked at LinkedIn many years ago at this conference, and I can attest to the fact that it really is the definitive B2B marketing conference on this list.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2024

June 3-5, 2024, Denver, Colorado

Self-advertising as the “The World’s Most Important Gathering of CMOs and Marketing Executives”, this conference is clearly geared towards marketing leaders and executives. The Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2023 conference focused on exploring research and insights on artificial intelligence, marketing strategy, multichannel marketing, and brand strategy, and 2024 will probably cover a similar spectrum of topics.

With the Gartner brand behind it, this is the premiere marketing conference that should be of interest to CMOs and marketing executives, customer experience and loyalty leaders, digital marketing leaders, brand marketing leaders, and marketing operations leaders. 

Последние новости

30 ноября 2023

Геймджем II в рамках Всеросийского конкурса «Начни игру»

Сту­ден­ты вто­рого кур­са КРЦМи­АФ, мас­терс­кая Ста­нис­ла­ва Вик­то­рови­ча Гай­лю­наса, при­няли учас­тие в «Гей­мджем II в рам­ках Все­росий­ско­го кон­курса «Нач­ни иг­ру»
Гей­мджем про­ходил с 24-27 но­яб­ря. 
Ре­зуль­та­том ста­ла иг­ра: «За­коны Дви­жения» 
Ссыл­ка на иг­ру:
Сос­тав ко­ман­ды:
Лу­иза Бог­рянце­ва
Софья Кор­не­ева
Ва­сили­са Стор­чак


30 ноября 2023

Объявлены победителя фестиваля-конкурса DMAF

Ре­зуль­та­ты фес­ти­валя-кон­курса DMAF | Digital Media Art Festival
Дип­ло­ман­ты фес­ти­валя
Дип­лом за ин­те­рес и по­пуля­риза­цию веб до­кумен­та­лис­ти­ки – По­лина Аб­ро­симо­ва .
До­кумен­таль­ная ин­те­рак­тивная но­вел­ла «Ис­па­рив­ши­еся»
Про­ект: https://vk.com/dmaf_festival?w=wall-197697379_223

30 ноября 2023

Включи Анимамаркет

Ре­жис­се­ры ани­мации на­чал­ли под­го­тов­ку к празд­ни­ку «Вклю­чи Ани­мамар­кет»!
Это­го дол­го жда­ли и мы, и вы— АНИ­МАМАР­КЕТ возв­ра­ща­ет­ся!
В этом го­ду на­ша яр­марка ани­маци­он­ных про­ек­тов объ­еди­ня­ет­ся с прек­расным фес­ти­валем сту­ден­ческой ани­мации КЛЮ­ЧИ. А это зна­чит, что с 8 по 9 де­каб­ря вас ждет:
ДВА ДНЯ под­го­тов­ленной прог­раммы мас­тер-клас­сов и встреч;
По­каз сту­ден­ческой ани­мации— как учеб­ной, так и соз­данной вне стен ву­за;
Отк­ры­тые пит­чинги, по­любив­ши­еся вам быст­рые сви­дания и ве­черин­ка!

28 ноября 2023

Победители конкурса «Лукоморье 2.0»

Ре­зуль­та­ты кон­курса «Лу­коморье 2.0» сов­мест­но с Digital Opera
Луч­шее ху­дожест­вен­ное воп­ла­щение.
Про­ект: «Лу­коморье в пер­сидс­кой ми­ни­атю­ре»
Ко­ман­да пер­сидс­кое лу­коморье
Луч­шие твор­ческо –тех­ни­чес­кие ин­но­вации
Про­ект: «Вос­точные сказс­ки»
Ко­ман­да W.I.T.C.H
Луч­шая идея
Про­ект: «Зо­лотой кур­сор»
Ко­ман­да: «Зо­лотой кур­сор»
Луч­шая ре­жис­су­ра
Про­ект «Со­сед­ний квар­тал»
реж. Кня­зева Анас­та­сия

15 ноября 2023

Студенты кафедры режиссуры цифровых медиа познакомились с историей «бункера Трибуца»

Сту­ден­ты 3 кур­са, мас­терс­кой Ири­ны Все­воло­дов­ны Ли­товс­кой по­сети­ли лек­цию на­уч­но­го сот­рудни­ка «Го­сударс­твен­но­го ме­мори­аль­но­го му­зея обо­роны и бло­кады Ле­нинг­ра­да» Бон­да­ря Ви­талия Юрь­еви­ча, пос­вя­щен­ную уни­каль­но­му па­мят­ни­ку ис­то­рии – «Бун­ке­ру ад­ми­рала Три­буца».

5 ноября 2023

Преподаватель КРЦМиАФ Анастасии Князева провела мастер класс «Цифровые технологии в сценическом и несценическом пространстве» в городе Сыктывкаре

Пре­пода­ватель ка­фед­ры ре­жис­су­ры циф­ро­вых ме­диа и ани­маци­он­но­го филь­ма Анас­та­сии Кня­зева про­вела мас­тер класс «Циф­ро­вые тех­но­логии в сце­ничес­ком и нес­це­ничес­ком прост­ранс­тве». В рам­ках фес­ти­валя ку­коль­ных те­ат­раль­ных школ «Ку­коль­ный ба­лаган­чик», в го­роде Сык­тывка­ре. 

Все новости

Why attend a digital marketing conference?

It goes without saying that social and digital media is always changing. There is no better way to tap into the collective wisdom of marketing experts than by attending digital marketing conferences where you can:

  • learn from subject matter experts, such as corporate practitioners, well-known bloggers, authors, and speakers in the field
  • attend networking sessions with other corporate practitioners and professionals in the digital marketing community to compare notes on best practices for everything from marketing automation to developing evergreen video content
  • discover new social and digital media tools that might help you do more with less
  • stay ahead of the digital transformation curve!

Digital Marketing Conferences FAQs

What is the purpose of the digital marketing conference?

The purpose of a digital marketing conference is to provide a forum for education, innovation, and collaboration within the industry. It is about fostering a culture of continued learning and development, creating new connections and networking opportunities, and ultimately driving the success of digital marketing strategies. Attendees can expect to leave these events feeling inspired and empowered to take their skills and expertise to the next level.

What is a digital conference?

Essentially, a digital conference is an event that is held entirely online, allowing speakers and attendees from all over the globe to participate in real-time. These types of conferences often include presentations, panel discussions, and other collaborative activities, all occurring virtually. The rise of digital conferences has revolutionized the way we think about networking, professional development, and global collaboration.

What is the next big thing in digital marketing?

It’s hard to say for sure, but there are several contenders. Some experts predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next game-changer, while others argue that Voice Search Optimization (VSO) or the rise of chatbots will dominate the future of marketing. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: digital marketers must be adaptable, innovative, and always learning to keep up with the latest trends.

Who is the best digital marketing?

While there is no definitive answer to the question of who is the best digital marketer, there are certain qualities that make a successful one. A solid digital marketer needs to be adept at adapting to emerging technologies, strategies, and changing trends, while still maintaining a keen sense of business acumen. They must also have a data-driven mindset, analytical skills, and strong creativity and communication skills to make a powerful impact.

Why are marketing conferences important?

Marketing conferences are an essential tool for all professionals looking to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and connect with like-minded individuals. This invaluable opportunity allows attendees to learn about emerging technologies and best practices directly from leading experts in the field. Marketing conferences offer a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to improve one’s skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Facebook is still the most-used social platform

Insights into people’s “favourite” platforms and the time they spend using each one are perhaps the most representative data points for marketers preparing a social media plan.

However, active user numbers still provide valuable benchmarks, especially when it comes to understanding a platform’s momentum.

Data published in Meta’s Q3 2021 investor earnings announcement confirms that Facebook is still the world’s most-used social media platform, with 2.91 billion users as of October 2021 (the latest “official” figure at the time of writing).

Facebook’s monthly active user base grew by a solid 6.2 percent (+170 million users) over the past year, despite already reaching more than half of its total potential audience by age and accessibility (note that Facebook is still blocked in China).

YouTube has closed the gap with Facebook over the past year though, with the platform’s audience growing almost twice as fast as Facebook’s.

Social media time by platform

But how does that social media time break down by platform?

Well, the good news is that the wonderful folks at App Annie have shared some great data with us this year that reveals how much time people spend using the Android apps of several top social platforms.

For context, handsets running Android account for roughly 7 in 10 smartphones in use around the world today, so – while these figures may not include all social media users – they still provide rich insights into how the world actually uses social media platforms.

Overall, App Annie’s data shows that YouTube accounts for the greatest total time spent using social media apps on Android phones, and it also clocks the highest average time per user.

Looking ahead: digital in 2022

That’s almost all for my analysis of this year’s Global Overview Report, but here are a few things to look out for over the coming months:

  1. We should pass the momentous 5 billion internet user milestone in time for our next quarterly Statshot report. To celebrate, we’ll offer a bumper collection of insights into how the internet impacts daily lives around the world, so be sure to check back for that analysis in late April.

  2. We may see some turbulence in the world of decentralised finance (DeFi) over the next few months, with the value of cryptocurrencies continuing their wild swings. Moreover, with ever more people investing in these “alternative” financial instruments, we can expect calls for greater regulation, more stringent government oversight, and – almost inevitably – new forms of taxation.

  3. At the same time, while the underlying tech is undoubtedly here to stay, people will come to realise that NFTs are nothing more than certificates of digital ownership, and – ultimately – it’s the assets they represent that determine their actual value. As a result, I hope we’ll see the NFT conversation shift away from irrational speculation, and put greater emphasis on helping the world’s creators derive enduring value from their hard work. If that shift doesn’t happen soon, I fear NFTs will go the same way as ICOs.

  4. Following the success of Squid Game, Money Heist, and Lupin, expect the unexpected when it comes to digitally distributed culture. Streaming platforms make it easier than ever for great content to travel around the world in an instant, fuelled by the social media water-cooler and ever more accurate algorithms. As a result, tomorrow’s big hits are just as likely to come from Hanoi and Harare as they are to come from Hollywood.

  5. We’ll start to see greater convergence across digital activities, with formats like Live Commerce blending the best of social media, entertainment, and online shopping. Similarly, as faster mobile connections and more powerful mobile devices become ever more accessible, we can expect more immersive content experiences. In particular, I’m expecting to see AR find its way into rich music ‘experiences’ (well beyond music videos), while a handful of brands will also move beyond hype and hot air to deliver some truly compelling experiences in online virtual worlds.

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